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 The fundamental features of the Turkish Language are:

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MesajKonu: The fundamental features of the Turkish Language are:   Çarş. 6 Ağus. - 18:35

The fundamental features of the Turkish Language are:

1. The Consonants - Twenty-one letters represent the consonants.

2. The Adjectives - Adjectives and adjectival phrases predece their noun and do not agree in number.

3. Vowel Harmony - Turkish has eight vowels, four pairs (A-E, I-İ, O-Ö, U-Ü) with corresponding front/back, and rounded/unrounded sounds, which form the basis for vowel harmony. According to vowel harmony rules, vowels of suffixes must have the same properties as the vowel in the last syllable: either front/back or rounded/unrounded.

4. Agglutination - Agglutination in Turkish takes the form of suffixes attached to the end of a word, whether noun or verb. Suffixes add to the word's meaning and/or mark its grammatical function.
(Affixed suffixes or suffix groups - words are composed of a sequence of word elements, each of representing only one grammatical category.)

5. The Absence of Gender - Turkish does not have a definite article, nor does it have gender pronouns (one word signifies he, she, or it).

6. Verbs always come at the end of the sentence - Sentence construction follows the subject-object-verb pattern.

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The fundamental features of the Turkish Language are:
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