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 Consonant Mutation

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Consonant Mutation

Bullet Pencil 1kbConsonant Mutation
Changes in pronunciation and spelling of consonants to preserve phonetics and euphony.
About Voicing of Consonants

A Voiced Consonant is one where the voice box is used to produce the sound - d, b - are in this category - and an Unvoiced Consonant is where the voice is silent and only air is expelled to produce the sound such as t, p.
The Main Consonants with Two Forms in Turkish


We do have a little consonant mutation in English, the terminal -y of lady changes to an -ie- in the plural - ladies, and the terminal -f of knife changes to a -v- in the plural - knives. This is similar to what happens in Turkish, but it is on a larger scale.

The main changes that occur in turkish words is that a terminal -k may change to a -ğ - (soft g) - when a suffix with a vowel is added.

Also the first letter -d of a suffix may change to a -t when the suffix is added to a word ending in a Voiced Consonant.

There are some changes to some other consonants which are minor - these Rules of Consonant Mutation are all discussed in detail in the web pages.

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Consonant Mutation
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